This is tonights dose, It will hardly be enough to stop the dreams or to slow my heart rate. Sleep is a tough one for me. When the sun is up all my anxiety is gone and I can sleep so wonderfully; as soon as it gets dark my pulse elevates, my breathing shallows, and I have to go into my bedtime routine to find solace. Tonight I will only be taking one as it has been a good day. Typically I take 3. But tonight just 1 followed by a benadryl and some nyquell in an attempt to keep my tolerance low but still fall asleep. Not every one with PTSD needs sleeping medication, unfortunately I do. I’ve tried the meditation, the deep breathing. Didn’t work for me. I’m not against those methods, just didn’t work for me.

Aren’t you jealous of the game I have to play just to get some shut eye? well YOU SHOULD BE! these are good effing drugs.


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