I met my new therapist today. Dr. Ray.  My stomach was so full of butterflies. He was nice enough. All I kept thinking was how much do I want to let you in? I don’t know if you guys have ever been to a therapist before but it all starts out the same. They get a background or in most cases a “timeline” of your life. It is just a sophisticated way to gain a cheat sheet of names, dates, and places in the patient’s life. Luckily I came prepared with one already made. So there! I know the drill.

* just a bit of background information : I had what I believe to be the best therapist in all the land. He is phenomenal, but he no longer accepts my insurance. So I have racked up a bill of about 2,000 Dollars that I am paying off slowly. I wish I could keep working with him but it just isn’t an option right now. That is where Dr. Ray comes in. He is In Network and a cool 20 dollar co-pay. Not too shabby. Unfortunately he will always be compared (admittidly unfairly) to my old therapist. 

So any who, he was nice enough and we are to begin work next Tuesday but only after I complete a “safety plan” something I taught and had so many patients do when I worked at the hospital. He specializes in Trauma and PTSD work. In simple terms, he specializes in hearing harrowing stories of abuse, accidents, war, and helps people get over them. I couldn’t help but notice a slight tremor in his hands. Often a sign of medication, Lithium is the most common culprit of the unwanted tremor.They say the crazy ones make the best ones.  He is a grey haired man with a soft voice. sort of like this guy :Image

It was a challenging day today. Emotionally exaughsting.I battled with constant negative self talk and self hatred, damn near constant. When I got home I crashed on the couch and it felt soooo good. Tomorrow brings a looooong day. I have to get up around 7ish to get to the DMV early and get the car registered and then off to meet the special needs girl I will be working for. That’s about all for this evenings post. 


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