Let Yourself Feel

Today started roughly, family drama….I am sure everyone can relate to that. But I said my 1 thousands “sorrys” and made it through. I started my new job today which was really exciting. I am working with a 20 year old girl with Jacobsen Syndrome. You can learn about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobsen_syndrome

 She took a while to warm up to me but once she did it was Jonas Brothers this…and Big Time Rush that… It was a lot of fun. She functions at about the elementary school level. I am just so happy to be working again. The only down side is it is an hour commute on a good day : / so needless to say I have still be applying at places locally. 

Here in VA it was beautiful out. I took soph out for a walk in downtown and enjoyed the sun on my face. 

Rule Number 1 to combatting depression and anxiety
GET OUTSIDE….seriously, the sun does wonders for all those happy chemicals in your head. And you never know what adventure you could find yourself in. I wound up sitting in the sun outside of a coffee shop talking to a guy and gal my age from New England about how much we loved our Septum piercings… It’s the little things guys… Its all about the MOVEMENT. No one says you have to run a marathon or even a mile, believe me I know how hard it can seem just to get out of bed some days but get outside if you can. Let yourself feel the breeze in your hair, the sun on your face, smell spring coming along, smile at strangers, and before you know it you feel a little better yourself. I hope you guys find that tidbit helpful and encouraging. Tomorrow it is suppose to be 70 here. I am looking forward to a repeat. 🙂 


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