Time to be a big girl



I had an interview for my first big girl counseling job. It was so terrifying. I was at a large round table with 3 women asking me all kinds of questions. The kind of questions that go on an abnormal psychology final. For example: Give me a DSM level 4 disorder for an adult, their symptoms, how you would treat them, and how they would respond. Then they gave me a blank peice of paper and said “you just had your first session with him or her. now write a progress note” This continued for 2 hours!! it was nerve racking but so exciting. If I get this job then I will start off getting paid 17 an hour and get gas reimbursement. I will manage case loads of mentally ill clients and oversee their treatment and report their progress or lack their of. Talk about utilizing my skills. I am so scared I won’t get it. I am just really in love with the job and want it so badly. It would be perfect for me! and talk about a resume booster. Its gonna look kick ass in 5 years when I am applying at a practice and hand over my resume. I have been praying and praying I get it. 

phew! that being said I have been doing much better emotionally. Things have been great at the apartment between my guy and me mostly because I have finally made peace with the fact that we are just on different paths and when this lease is up I will be moving on and getting my independance back. So there haven’t been the little fights here and there because why put in the effort ya know? I am just enjoying my time with my lover and friend while I have it and letting it go slowly but surely as we speak. Things are moving along swimmingly. I am finding peace and happiness in myself and not in him which is what is important. I hung out with a new friend today. spend a lot of time outside with sophie. Just was with myself while he obsessivel tried to beat his video game 🙂 I am looking forward to the future. And I really hope I land this fucking jobbbbb! the end


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